Kaeliss – Elvyn Thief

Kaeliss is secretly on assignment from an arcane Elvyn organization called The Hoarders. He has been tasked with recovering Elvyn magic and relics. Magic is a pastime of his. Kaeliss favors spells that enhance his ability to go unseen, divine magic and lore, and charm the unwary. Occasionally, you can catch him inspecting something with a strange monocle. Some of those things may be the property of Bartholius, or at least ‘were’.

Myra – Humyn Druid

Myra grew up in a small town. She was raised to be a baker, like her parents. Her scones are legendary. She discovered in her youth that she had a penchant for talking with birds and squirrels. After getting to know her, they taught her how to commune with, bend, and manipulate the magic of nature. She also had some tutoring from a Ranger called Kalanar. Myra’s parents neglected to tell her that she was an orphan that had wandered out of the woods when she was around 3.

Amrik – Half-Ork Fighter

Amrik gets his Orkish blood from his mother. She was a reasonably libertine mercenary woman, who always cares deeply for Amrik. He is not the brightest lamp at camp, though. Between his mediocre fighting skills and the constant racism he suffers, it’s a wonder he’s managed this long. What few know (including Amrik) is that when he was young, he inadvertantly helped a god. This god bestowed upon Amrik unending luck just to shut him up and finish the deal. What few realize (including Amrik) is that he is carrying 30,000 gold pieces worth of gems, jewels, and coins at any given time, as a result.

Delphina – Human Necromancer

Delphina was raised by very progressive Necromancer parents. When she was young, her family fled the guild to escape participating in a plague war. The playmates she had growing up were usually skeletons or zombies. She learned how to raise her own zombies as a teen, and her very first boyfriend, Bob, was a handsome cadaver of a local Earl’s son, who had died in an accident. Unfortunately, she was only powerful enough to raise him for barely the duration of a dinner date every evening for two weeks. Her heart was broken by that. It’s left her somewhat unsociable because of harboring abandonment issues. That, and she’s on the run from her guild after they found her and killed her master (who died buying her time to escape).

Bartholius – Dwarven Fighter

Bartholius was born to expert rock sorters. He never felt like he fit in with his family. Where they felt at home in the dust and dirt of the rock sorting guild, he felt joy in fancy clothes and fine wines. He even shaves his beard. The cave in that left Bartholius orphaned was inadvertently caused by him, and he carries the weight of that on his heart. He is also the bringer of the race war for siring a child with an Elvyn maid who made him the fancy pants sewn with moon thread that he likes to wear. When not cleaving beasts or assorted enemies, he’s polishing his gear, seeking organic wines and craft cocktails, or getting a mani-pedi. Don’t tell Kaeliss!

Yevgeny – Human Wizard

Yevgeny is a human wizard who was raised by Barbarians after his real parents died. As many know, barbarians are not fond of magic, and they were definitely not fond of Yevgeny’s budding talents in the craft. The horrible treatment he received from the tribe that took him in led to his obsession with combat spells like Magic Missile and Fireball, which ultimately led to his explosive escape. He has now taken up with this band of adventurers in hopes of burying the pain of his past. Yevgeny is somewhat intolerant of frivolity. Consider the fact that he burned a town to the ground simply because they were trying to share their history in a town festival through multiple events like puppet shows (burned), song contests (magic missiled), interpretive dances (stinking clouded), poetry readings (burned). He is one of a number of reasons that the Minions often go from solving problems for communities to being chased out by the communities.