Advanced Minions & Mazes

…are an improv troupe from Portland Oregon. They perform in the genre of fantasy role-playing game. Audiences don’t need to know anything about D&D to enjoy the comedy of these Minions. Their shows are de facto episodes due to the fact that they play the same characters show to show. As a result, two different kinds of audience members can be wowed by the comedy; the uninitiated and the saga fans. All of their shows start with a fast-pace, hilarious introduction to the characters that catapults them into their formats. They perform in one of two formats: Legends and The Module.


This 30 minute format finds its start in a common place at some sort of fun social event like at an ale-tasting or a festival of mimes. From there it bounces in and out of flashbacks and flash outs to their pasts, their imaginings, or to quirky places that exist and influence their greater world, like the Tower of Definitions (where terms are debated and decided). Occasionally, there are even flashes to the game table where the players argue, discuss, and critique the “game”.

The Module

This format takes place in two 30 minute halves. There is more audience input in the beginning because it involves rolling dice to help build a title through a number of charts, a la role-playing games. The title that emerges is the inspiration for the shows narrative arc. Don’t let that fool you, though. The strength of this ensemble shines through their eclectic characters and the relationships between them. We also get to go deeper into the Gamers who ‘run’ these characters and manage their own odd relationships with their DM, Brad. He constantly worries about his wife, Judy. It could all end if she figures out that he’s gaming again.